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Contact our team for information on farmers markets, farm stands, CSA programs, community gardens, and youth initiatives in Harlem, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Let's connect and grow together. ‍‍‍

Let's connect and grow together.

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How do I sign-up for my volunteer shift?

We are an all-volunteer run organization. By joining the CSA, we ask to sign-up for at least 2 volunteer shifts per season. Children are always welcome to any shift!

Please contact us directly to learn more at +1-347-391-7189 or bronx@ubhealthyproject.org

What happens during a volunteer shift?

The primary jobs are to manage member check-in, traffic flow and share distribution. A site manager will assign you a task and answer questions.

Duties are designed to help the distribution site run smoothly.

It is essential to arrive to your shift on time. If you are delayed, please alert us by call/text +1-347-391-7189

What are the volunteer shifts?

The opening shift volunteers may be required to do heavy lifting while unloading boxes from the truck. If this will be difficult for you, we recommend selecting the closing shifts.

What are the volunteer shift times?

The opening shift is 60-30 minutes before distribution time. The closing shifts is 30 minutes before the end of distribution time.

What if I'm unable to volunteer?

We understand it's difficult to schedule time and commitments are too inflexible.

If you are unable to assist us in-person, there are other ways to volunteer your time.

Please contact us directly at bronx@ubhealthyproject.org and we will provide you with alternative tasks.